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July 10, 2011


Alyson Candela
• I love to watch the documentaries you make. Thank you.
Bram Van Splunteren
• well thank you, thats so nice! you mean the red hot chili peppers stuff?
Alyson Candela
• Hello~ Yes, I dont follow many bands at all but I like the Smiths/Morrissey and the RHCP mostly. I find it fortunate you were able to document them from pretty much the beginning of their career until now. They must feel extremely close/comfortable with you because the banter you have with them seems effortless~ Almost like talking to a friend. In most of the other interviews i have seen them in they don’t open up as much, and it seems they want the interviews to be over, or they just say the same thing to each time and give a generic answer to the questions. With you they seemed to tell the truth and history behind each question they were answering. To be able to document John (in’94) during that period of his life is amazing as well- It makes me wonder how many peoples lives were saved or changed by watching that particular interview -because it gives hope. Im so happy he is still with us! Im working my way through your other interviews on you tube as well and looking forward to it. Im just a nobody from Massachusetts but if I ever do anything spectacular or get famous you will be the first one I call to interview me-lol

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